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2001 (2544)

Company establishment

Siam Tackle Technology Co., Ltd. Established in the year 2001 (2544), Which during the first period The company was opened to import and export industrial products.

2004 (2547)

Established Max Detail Group Co., Ltd.

Started to establish Max Details Group for product development planning. and produce industrial products in their own MAX brand and carry out trading Import-export of industrial products to plan further actions in the future

2010 (2553)

Start a business with machinery

Siam Tackle Technology Co., Ltd. has started to make machines for creating various workpieces, such as CNC work, punching metal products to create a brand for that product. And starting to have many tools that can handle all kinds of jobs up to level High-Precision or detailed work

2015 (2558)

Start construction business

Siam Tackle Technology Co., Ltd. has begun accepting construction works that are the basic works of the industry. The leaders of the organization have a vision that they want to create works that raise the level of construction. to provide the highest quality work to be the country's leading construction company

Present - Now

Currently, Siam Tackle Technology Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 5 million baht and can work in a variety of formats. from general work until the national auction and intends to start targeting to the Asian level in the future

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